If you regularly go for energy healing sessions like Reiki, Body Talk or Resonance Repatterning, you might have noticed that things have been tougher to shift the last few years, and there are certain things that you just can’t seem to make headway into. Here are a couple of different approaches for you to try. 

I had a very early start into energy healing when two decades ago I stumbled into BodyTalk and Resonance Repatterning. Since then, I’ve used both resources extensively and I’ve done some really extraordinary experiments with proxy and group work, e.g., proxying my body in to take on and process all the forgiveness that needs to be happen from all of us in my core family. reikipeace

At the time it seemed we were bouncing forgiveness issues energetically between each other. So as one would get better, the other would be knocked out of sync again.

The experiment was a definite success and we saw improvement in those areas afterwards, but it’s not for the faint of heart: the processing and shifting literally knocked me flat for nearly a week.

It was a few of these kinds experiments that led me to the pieces of information that I’m going to give you here. Each of these ideas has been used and tested by other energy healing regulars who have since seen movement and improvements. If you’ve really been stuck energetically for a while, this could be a leverage point that starts things moving for you.

Set an intention before every healing session

In this case, I had a particular issue that kept coming back – we’d fix it, I’d be fine for a day or three and then bam! I’d be hit again. This carried on for a couple of years.

When I really started digging into it and investigating it, I picked up another incarnation on the seventh dimension that is battling a similar or polar issue. What had happened was the energy of the issue was sitting on the cord or filament that connects the two soul aspects.

When we cleared the issue working directly on the filament, we managed to get it to lift.


At the same time, the whole shift is affecting everything – all the alternates and realities, dimensions, existences and more – so everything is being thrown out of whack.

This led to the following statement of intention before every session: 

We clear these issues across all dimensions, all time and space, all levels, parallel existences and realities. We straighten and clear all cords and filaments.  

If you’re experiencing a resonance that keeps bouncing back no matter how hard you try to shift it, then this one is worth a bash in your next session.


If you’re familiar with Michael Newton’s work, you’ll know about the idea of video rooms where we see snippets of our lives before we enter our bodies. 

This process is to ensure that information and key moments and experiences are programmed into our subconscious so that we don’t miss important markers and people in our lives.

Technology Trapping FigureThis kind of programming extends to your personality and resonances too I’ve discovered. One the first level, it’s about your personal lessons, and that programming would be unique from person to person. The one that you can work with immediately though is the programming for light workers.

The whole shift and Age of Aquarius is important – we all know and feel it. And on a soul level, it’s why so many of us have chosen to be here during this time, to experience this. We were allowed to be here because the powers that be needed our help in order to make the shift happen.

In order to ensure we did what we needed to do for the shift to take place energetically, we needed some programming. Programming like:

  • A inconsistent flow of and a love/hate relationship with money
    • You know you need it, but it’s just not important to you and you wish you didn’t have to make it
    • This one is so that we didn’t get caught up in greed, materialism and the secular world
  • An overwhelming and all-consuming desire to find THE ONE
    • It has to be THE ONE, because the programming also makes sure you question yourself when you’re in the relationship
    • Relationships where you’re always out of sync with each other: one overcommitted, the other under-committed; only one of you ever does well financially at a time; if you’re happy, he/she is sad
    • Having that romantic relationship be first prize in your life
    • Not wanting or not being sure if you want kids, even though you prize the relationship so highly
    • This one is to ensure we find and pair with our twin flames
  • A strange compulsion to keep breaking the rules and pushing the boundaries 
    • Even when there’s no logical reason for it, you seem to need to constantly push the envelope
    • Your life has been full of extremes – sexual extremes, wild lifestyle, controversial choices
    • You’re often a very creative type of person, always full of new ideas
    • This is to ensure that we don’t get caught up in others’ ways of thinking and stick to only what we know inside
    • This also makes us able to think new thoughts, things that haven’t been thought by others

How to remove programming


The most effective way I’ve found so far is to go into a BodyTalk session with the statement that we want to remove XYZ programming set as intention – the way you set statements at the beginning of a Resonance Repatterning session. 

So far, every session has accepted the statements, and I’ve seen some interesting changes and turnarounds for people.

You could also do simple meridian tapping. The fact that the information is coming through now means that the energy is ready to be released.

By: Chemory Gunko

I’m a Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Energy Resourcing Practitioner & Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Practitioner and I offer sessions in person and via Skype. Visit my website to access free and paid coaching tools and resources, innovative free online diagnostics and tools, eBooks, giveaways and more.