There are a multitude of levels at which you can create a change in the world. The microcosm, the macrocosm, and everything in-between.

Now, I am only a humble student in the world of creating change. I have had some excellent teachers and guides, who have taught me the value of listening deeply and asking lots of questions.

giving-to-othersFrom all of my experiences, I have extrapolated a sort of “wave” of “things”that one can do that will make a difference, make an impact in the world around you. Remember, making a difference in the world means affecting other people, for that is where the greatest change comes from.

From the smallest things to the biggest things, here is my list of what you can do to create ripples of change all around you, right now.

Starting Small and Going Big, in sets of 3:

1. Love Thy Neighbor, Love Thy Enemy

bowingThis should be your foundation for anything that you do moving forward. It’s sort of a cornerstone that you can build anything on top of. If you have love in your heart for all things of the earth, the ones you like and the ones you don’t, (even those pesky mosquitoes), you will find yourself moving in the direction of connection.

Of course, not many people have a unified definition of what “Love” is. I took a swing at it once, you can read about it here. Loving someone doesn’t mean becoming subservient to them, it simply is an acknowledgement of the inherent connection between All.

2. Genuine Listening to Another’s Heart

alex_greyThe only way to know how to create a change is to know what someone else’s heart feels like. How else can you affect someone on an emotional level if you don’t truly understand who they are as a person, where they’re coming from, what they want out of life?

The funny thing is, if you learn aboutListening, you’ll actually learn that it is something very purposeful to do. In fact, so purposeful that if you are doing a bunch of other things, you CAN’T fully listen. The brains just not wired that way. Check it out!

3. Take Care of Someone who Needs It

iStock_20271642hands-help-upThere are a lot of people who need help. Sometimes they will ask for exactly what they want. Sometimes, they will ask for something entirely different (what they think they want vs. what they genuinely want),  and sometimes they won’t ask at all. It’s up to you to use discernment on what someone needs, in order to support them in their growth.

Imagine that every human on earth is like a tree. Some are drowning in water and others are dried up completely. Pretend its your job to help allocate the water to where it needs to go. Give water here, give heat here. If you give of yourself, genuinely and authentically, it will come back to you. Always.

4. Get involved Publicly with a Cause

Alright, we’re getting into slightly bigger things now.

good-causeWhen people get passionate about something together, they get together in organized ways in order to push forward on their collective cause and make a difference in the way that things are done.

Whether it’s an attempt at changing the status quo or building some stuff to help other people thrive in the world, getting together with others to make a difference is a meaningful way of creating a change by raising awareness about whatever the topic is… Not to mention, it’s a great way to get connected with other people who share a like mind and like heart like yours.

5. Stand up for What is Right

I guess this is why most people take the other path.

There is a quote in a show I watched recently called “The Newsroom”, I’ll spare you the details of what its about though I highly recommend watching it.

In it there’s a scene where a reporter says to an ethics professor: “You should start your class by telling everyone that regardless of what you read in books or what anyone else tells you, you know the difference between right and wrong. It’s obvious to anyone who looks.”

This quote accurately sums up my feeling on the topic. We all know what is Good and Right in our Hearts. There is no debate on it. It simply is. If you don’t know, think about it, ask some questions. The answer will come to you, because it’s built into your existence.

Stand up for that. You have no idea how much of an impact it will really have on those around you.

6. Demonstrate your Passion through your Actions


You know that you’re passionate about what you do. If you’re not, you’re doing the wrong thing and you know it. Go learn about the thing you’re passionate about, whether its woodworking or public speaking or building advanced futuristic technology.

And then, don’t just do it… but do it with Gusto! Make it a big deal, because the fact that you’re following your passion IS a big deal. Don’t forget, take special note that there are likely many, many others who are also passionate about what you’re passionate about. You can learn from them, and they can learn from you. Such is the value of passion.

This is how Steve Jobs transformed human life as we know it by inventing computers that never had been seen before. This is how Gandhi and MLK sparked a revolution. This is how  you will to.

7. Make something for Someone Else.

Okay, we’re into the final big 3 now!

Truth be told, when you make something for someone else’s needs and put them before you, you are creating something of value for others, and something that will affect them far more than if you created something for yourself and tried to give it to them.

Just think about that for a bit. It’s pretty simple, but it speaks volumes when truly understood.


8. Do something that solves a problem

Lets face it, the world is riddled with problems. There are so many, how are we supposed to eat this massive elephant? (Pardon the euphemism). Answer: One bite at a time.

Find a problem that needs solving, and tackle it. If you need more people, get their help. Need resources to get started? Figure out what you need to create to get there. This is the process by which we can start fixing all of the problems of the world.

All that is required is for brave men and women to stand up and take action to make something awesome! Even when the whole world would tell them they’re crazy. You can do it, I believe in you, and I’m by far not the only one.

9. Do something that pushes the Limits of the Human Mind

blowingmindsUltimately, all of the limitations that we face in the world are a result of our limited mental ideas of what we can, and cannot do. When we recognize that we can create ANYTHING, and are truly infinite beings, it opens up a lot of doors and opportunities for creators everywhere.

If we can demonstrate through our actions that we are infinite, and far more capable than we think we are, that idea will spread, and people will start to act more fully with their inherent infinite-ness and start acting globally to solve major, major problems.

Finally: Remember Togetherness

We are One Species. There is no ONE person who can solve all of the problems of the world. Look, Jesus Christ tried to do it and what happened? We butchered him. It is going to take a scene like the end of “A Bugs Life” to really pull a global transformation off, where all of the people recognize it’s THEM that have the power, and together they fend off the evil and reclaim their beautiful and majestic home.

Now get out there and make some noise!

With love,
Jordan Pearce